Advertising sponsors have many choices with respect to how and where they can tell customers about their products and services.

But when they give their support to KBN, it means something more.

It means that they appreciate the special difference they can make in sponsoring a media concept that can also help change the future of America’s children.

KBN sponsors are all different, and they can help support the exciting KBN mission in many different ways.

Some KBN sponsors may simply wish to advertise their support on the pages of our website. We are most appreciative.

Others might prefer to help our young readers by becoming the official sponsor of a new KBN book.

Still others may wish to sponsor one of our many colorful KBN “Read.” posters which they may then make available at their store locations.

Others might want to support KBN in working directly with schools and libraries.

And still others might wish to sponsor special free-format KBN books, traditionally custom printed in classic lux-color, and make them available in the community.

Would you like to join our very special family of KBN sponsors by advertising on the KBN website, or by sponsoring a book, a poster or participating in some other special sponsorship?

To find out more simply send us a note with your request for information to

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