KBN believes all children have the power to succeed in learning. One critical key is learning to read. And if possible, learning to read early.

Every child learns to read in their own way, but most children can learn to read far earlier than traditional education has provided.

And when they do, they have an advantage for life.

That’s why at KBN we want to bring a powerful new early learning option to children, families and educators.

A free learning system with free books to help every child in the world learn to read early.

Through our KBN associated early literacy program, Read At Two, we hope to encourage parents to begin teaching their children to read long before their formal school years begin. So when they arrive at Pre-School and Kindergarten the next generation of children will already be well on their way as strong readers.

Whether or not Darwin actually had anything to say about reading, acquiring literacy is definitely an evolutionary process.

At the beginning, a child naturally moves forward in “operating” with books one functional step at a time.

So each of the free books in our program is focused on helping the young reader take one specific step forward in learning. And because these books are intended to help even the very early reader, who is still learning to talk as well as to read, special care has been given to the simplicity of the text, the focus on basic objects, and on experiences in the child’s own life which the child can more easily recognize and identify.

Within each book you will find more information on the book’s specific purpose and learning function, and the Read At Two handbook provides an important overview to help parents appreciate the sequential character of the books, to give you practical teaching tips, and to help you identify each step in your own child’s learning process.

I began teaching my first child to read at two and when he arrived at Kindergarten he was already reading at a 6th Grade level. Now I want to show other parents how they can teach their own children to read and to love reading for a lifetime at a surprisingly early age.

- Uncle Henry, Ph.D.



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