"Let’s talk about parents reading to their kids."
- Barack Obama
Meet the Press,
Dec. 7, 2008

Parents have been waiting for an idea like KBN for a long, long time.

A place right in their own home where children can come on a Saturday morning or anytime to feed their minds and imagination.

A place where they can discover the active fun of reading, laughing, learning, sharing and exploring stories and ideas without interruption or limits.

A place where they can have fun while they’re building the critical reading skills they’re going to need to become the next generation of thinkers and leaders.

Now, every week, kids can come to the KBN website to download, print out, trim, fold and staple together a real book – a new book, every week, and it’s completely free. A quality book they can keep and enjoy in their own personal book library.

As parents, we also want you to know that KBN is committed to bringing your child original stories and ideas that are always new, fresh and interesting. Not just an endless stream of tired old reruns.

And rather than overly simple and sentimental stories like many conventional children’s books, KBN books and stories are perhaps just a bit more exciting and challenging.

These are just-darn-fun-to-read books and stories that kids will want to share, too – with brothers and sisters and cousins and friends. And of course, with their moms and dads.

You may also notice that the books brought to you for free by KBN are not sorted by any recommended reader age. That’s because we don’t think children’s reading and thinking should be limited by a specific age, and we believe you and your children will enjoy all of these books at any reading age.

As parents what can you do to help?

First, we ask you to help us get the news out about KBN and free KBN books to every other parent, to every teacher and to every librarian you know.

They’ll thank you, and KBN will thank you, too. Your help in building the KBN family of registered KBN book readers quickly will also help us bring everyone an expanding program of more fun and more books, and more quickly, too.

Second but no less important, we recommend that parents get involved with KBN and KBN books as much as their children – to make these delightful books together, read them together, laugh together and learn together.

For those KBN books your child can already read easily, please encourage your young reader to start reading them to you right now.

And with the books that are fun and funny and interesting but maybe just a bit more difficult, you can start by reading these books with your child until you’ll blink and suddenly – guess what – you’ll realize that your young reader is quickly reading them, new words and all, with non-stop excitement and satisfaction to you, to their cousin Albert and to their little sister Irma.

Welcome to KBN.

Let’s get started today!

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