Recent KBN Reviews:

“The KBN website idea is a 10.”
— Clarence, 11
“The 100 Worst Jokes of All Time is really funny.”
— Arthur, 10
“The KBN website idea is a 9.5.”
— Arlene, 10
“I liked the black & white books because you can be creative with the colors.”
— Kathy, 11
“The 100 Worst Jokes of All Time is the best.”
— Mike, 11
“I love coloring and I can get books and start coloring.”
— Denise, 10
“The maze training book is fun.”
— Ana, 10
“I want What If Dogs Ran The World.”
— Louis, 11
“What If Dogs Ran The World is funny.”
— David, 11
“Making my own books is a 10.”
— Alan, 11
“The Dictionary of Obscure Words is funny.”
— Rita, 11
“The 100 Worst jokes are really funny.”
— Elaine, 11
“What You Don’t Want To Be When You Grow Up is the best.”
— Phillip, 10
“How To Understand A Talking Dog is entertaining.”
— Marie, 11
“The Complete 16-Lesson Find Stuff With Maze Training book is the best.”
— Peter, 10
“I liked The Tooth Fairy Goes Off To School the best because I read it with my friends.”
— Greta, 10
“Uh,Uh. Not a Good Idea is funny and imaginative.”
— Paula, 11
“What If Dogs Ran The World is the best.”
— Candice, 11
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