KBN believes all children have the power to succeed in learning. And nothing helps pull children more quickly toward a successful path in life than excitement about reading.

Because reading leads a child directly to both thinking and learning.

That’s why at KBN we want to bring a powerful new media option to children, families and educators.

Free books for every child in the world.

Our free KBN books are simple and easy enough to make. But by making these micro, mini and other book forms themselves, young KBN readers also gain an important personal ownership of everything they read and learn.

And what they learn above all is the satisfaction and personal power of becoming a strong reader.

As educators, you are well aware that the greatest invention of all time wasn’t the lightbulb, the airplane, penicillin or the computer. It was and is the invention of reading.

The single development that actually rebuilds the function of the human brain near the angular gyrus, reading is the critical invention that continues to make all advanced technologies and complex civilization possible.

Those who read will lead.

So how can educators and librarians use the invention of free books by KBN to help bring children back to the power and excitement of reading?

As teachers registered with KBN, you are licensed to download and print enough copies of any KBN book for free to give one copy to every child in your class. Does that help?

We want you to bring children to discover and enjoy our books, and learn how to make them with their own hands, for themselves, and with their friends.

We also look forward to receiving your comments, suggestions and ideas on our KBN project, and sharing them with other teachers, on our Teacher Talk blogsite.

If you develop special lesson plans for one book or another, we also hope you will consider sharing those with us and your teaching colleagues, too.

To make our books less expensive for both educators and families to print out at home, and so that "free" books really means free, we are also providing many of our KBN books in original black & white versions as well as in full color. Your students can use colored pencils to color them creatively themselves, have more fun, and make each story even more personal.

Through our associated early literacy program, Read At Two, we hope to encourage parents to begin teaching their children to read long before their formal school years begin. So when they come to you as readers in Pre-School and Kindergarten the next generation of children will already be well on their way.

At KBN we want to provide young readers with a wide range of reading experiences as well – from the fun of tiny microbooks and interesting mini-size picture books to the sweeping thrill of serialized adventure books and even literary classics. Even our coloring books and puzzle books are designed to support reading development.

And finally, in time we hope to bring you our free KBN books in many of the world’s languages.